Libranox: Amine Oxides


Libranox: Amine Oxides

About Libranox: Anime oxides

Libranox amine oxides are compatible with most other surfactants and will not hydrolyse in strongly acidic or alkaline systems. They also exhibit synergystic effects when combined with anionic and other non-ionic surfactants. Amine oxides tend to act as a non-ionic surfactant in neutral and alkaline pH and cationic in acidic conditions. Libranox Amine oxides are extensively used with both sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide to produce bleach based products.

Why use Libranox: Anime oxides?

Amine oxides are excellent detergents, foam boosters and foam stabilisers and can be used in formulations to provide viscosity, grease emulsification and soil suspension. Anime oxides are used in cleaning, industry and personal care industries. Amine Oxide can be utilised in a wide array of applications.

Applications for Libranox: Anime oxides products:

(AO10, AO12/14, AO14, CAO and CAP)

  • Shampoos
  • Bubble baths
  • Hair conditioners
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Laundry detergents
  • All purpose cleaning agents
  • Liquid Bleach products
  • Foam stabilisers in rubber and polymer industries

Why choose Libra Speciality Chemicals to manufacture your Libranox: Anime Oxide products? 

Since their introduction to the market in 2014, Libranox Amine Oxides have provided a great-value and top-quality solution to both multinational corporations and smaller, local companies alike. Whether the need is for a low-foaming agent with excellent cleaning power, or a foam-boosting, cosmetic-grade ingredient for shampoo or bubble bath, the Libranox portfolio has the answer.

Importantly, Libranox products are compatible with most surfactants. Evidence shows that they can even exhibit synergistic effects when combined with anionic and other non-ionic surfactants. For example, use in combination with anionic sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) is proven to give an increased detergency effect.

All of Libra’s amine oxides are made with very pure water. A tightly honed manufacturing process involving ozonation, reverse osmosis and UV filtration ensures that Libranox products are microbiologically pure, and free from bacteria and other contaminants – ideal for high-end personal care.

Sustainability of our Libranox: Amine Oxide products?

To ensure that sustainability is achieved we have a EFFCI-registered plant. The volume of scale is both highly efficient and has a low-cost manufacturing process (which allows for the production of up to 90 tonnes by one person in a single batch cycle). This means that Libra customers have access to the best value, top-quality amine oxides on the market which makes it one of our most popular products.

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